Our Philosophy

Trevor Joefield

MFWI is a fellowship of ministers who agree that they are alike in doctrine, vision, character, values and purpose; we are not a denomination.

Our vision is to affect the Caribbean for Jesus Christ through strong local churches that uphold the high moral and ethical values in God’s Word. In order to achieve this, MFWI comes alongside pastors and church leaders to hold up their hands in the work of the ministry, giving each minister a sense of connection to a larger family network and a worldwide vision.

MFWI’s belief can be seen in three ways:

  • Ministers touching ministers
  • Autonomy with accountability
  • Covering without control

MFWI has a strong conviction regarding the autonomy of the local church. This foundational conviction affects everything that MFWI does and it serves as a guide to every policy that MFWI establishes.

MFWI constantly seeks to balance the loving and caring responsibility that we have to all believers in Christ with recognition of the special place that God has set everyone in their own local church.